Tailor-made childcare because your child is Individual

Our learning Program

At Bespoke childcare, we embrace the Early Years Learning Framework and subscribe to the philosophy that ‘play is child’s work’.


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Fees and Subsidies

Bespoke Childcare provide the highest level of care and education. Please Contact Us for a Fee schedule.


 Our Philosophy:

In Relation To Our Centres Ethics..

At Bespoke Childcare We believe in the rights of the child and treating all children as individuals and interesting beings. We believe that all children have the right to be respected and their cultural and religious needs met without discrimination. We believe in meaningful partnerships with families that are coherent and cohesive to provide a safe and secure environment for children. We believe in respectful, reciprocal relationships with all families, children, staff, students and volunteers.

In Relation To The Child..

We believe every child has a right to make choices in regards to their learning. We believe every child should feel a strong sense of wellbeing and belonging in their rooms. We believe that children should have opportunities to develop in a range of areas. We believe all children have their own ways of expressing themselves and provide opportunities for all children to thrive. We believe in opportunities for children and educators to develop meaningful relationships, build communication skills and participate in positive interactions across diverse cultural and community groups. 

In Relation To The Learning Environment..

We believe in a warm, welcoming, home-like environment. We believe that the environment should  respect our view on nature and sustainability and that the environment is the 'third teacher'. We believe that our physical environment should encourage engagement and exploration and offer dynamic choices and opportunities for learning. We believe there should be opportunities for children to learn independence through everyday routines and self-help skills. We believe in utilising technology through our everyday interactions and learning. We believe in providing the highest quality of care for children to learn through providing regular professional development.

In Relation To The Wider Community..

We believe in utilising our immediate surroundings within our community as well as those in the wider community. We believe in building relationships with those in our community. We believe that children have a right to belong to a number of communities. We believe children should be able to partake in supporting our wider community through centre led appeals. We believe in unified relationships and working together within our local and wider community and be active in their communities.

Our People:

Bespoke Childcare is committed to employing highly qualified, passionate and enthusiastic early childhood professionals. Our dedicated team of professionals possesses a deep understanding of how young children learn and provide a curriculum that delivers a holistic, engaging and exciting program.

We value our educators and understand the integral role they play in your child’s development and wellbeing. Our staff hold current CPR and First Aid certificates and adhere to the Education and Care Services National Law and the Education and Care Services National Regulations.

Our staff have a passion for and commitment to lifelong learning. Ongoing professional development training for all staff ensures that educators are abreast of current research and remain inspired and motivated.

Our learning Program

At Bespoke childcare, we embrace the Early Years Learning Framework and subscribe to the philosophy that ‘play is child’s work’

Embracing Technology

As a futures-orientated Early Learning Centre with a focus on providing high-quality education, we embrace and integrate technology into our curriculum.

A day in the life

At Bespoke childcare, we believe that each child is on their own unique journey and understand that all children will develop and learn at their own pace.


Our very own chef will create the tailor made menu chosen by you. We have a unique option for parents to influence their child’s menu.

Rest Time

For some, this will mean a well-needed nap. For others is a time for quiet independent activity such a reading or completing a puzzle.

Crafts & Creative

Children have the option to participate in an organized activity. This may take form of a craft activity, a social game or a language activity inspired by a story.

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