Our learning Program

Our learning Program

Our learning Program:

At Bespoke childcare, we embrace the Early Years Learning Framework and subscribe to the philosophy that ‘play is child’s work’. Our Early years Program taught by university-trained Early Childhood Teachers offers children the opportunity to express their individuality through their natural learning style. This program comes as standard and is available to all 3 to 5 year olds.

Every child has an individual learning program that is tailored to the way they learn.  Our highly trained educators understand that play is instrumental in shaping the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development of each child.

The significance of the early years in relation to future learning as well as physical, behavioral and social development is recognised, and our curriculum designed with this in mind. At Bespoke Childcare our approach is child-centered, where children learn in a safe, supportive and caring environment, which fosters positive relationships and a strong sense of belonging.

Embracing Technology:

As a futures-orientated Early Learning Centre with a focus on providing high-quality education, we embrace and integrate technology into our curriculum. Appropriate and safe use of technology such as Early Years Math, Literacy and Science programs delivered through Interactive Whiteboards and classroom iPads aims to expand, enrich, extend and differentiate the curriculum.

For parents, digital media at the entrance makes the process of signing your children in and out of the Centre each day quick and easy. We use xplor to assist educators to plan and monitor your child’s progress. You will receive daily updates of your child’s activities at the center. (For more information on Xplor go to:  http://www.myxplor.com

A day in the life:

At Bespoke childcare, we believe that each child is on their own unique journey and understand that all children will develop and learn at their own pace. We also understand the importance of having a daily rhythm and the sense of security this provides children. Our daily rhythm offers babies, toddlers and children the safety of predictability while being flexible to individual needs. We endeavor to follow the routines that you have with your child. At our Centre, we know that children love to learn from and imitate the adults in their life and this is why we have embedded life skills into the curriculum.

  1. Welcome: each child is warmly greeted and we begin our morning together. We share a special book and sing welcoming songs to help the children transition from home to the center.
  2. Discover Imagine Learn & Play: Our learning spaces encourage the children to freely explore and navigate. Their natural curiosities and skills are cultivated as the children discover and play. Each child will have a structured learning time with the kinder teacher.
  3. Nutrition: Our very own chef will create the tailor made menu chosen by you. We have a unique option for parents to influence their child’s menu.
  4. Movement activity: children develop their perceptual motor skills and burn energy before its time to rest and rejuvenate.
  5. Rest Time: for some, this will mean a well-needed nap. For others is a time for quiet independent activity such a reading or completing a puzzle. We offer separate rest time for each child depending on your routine.
  6. Crafts & Creative: Children have the option to participate in an organized activity. This may take form of a craft activity, a social game or a language activity inspired by a story.
  7. Free Play:
  8. Farewell

(This is a general guideline to a day of your child’s time at the center. Routines may vary depending on your needs and the needs of your child.)

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